Most popular Mobile Apps in 2020 for On-Demand Services Startups

With the popularity of on-demand services, Mobile application development companies are emphasizing on building mobile apps that will get services to the doorsteps of it. Whether you are looking to build a cab for your journey or want to instantly book an appointment for your salon, all you need to go through their mobile screens, open an app and hire the same. Here are some prominent industries where the on-demand services app is playing its part well and generating new revenue streams for the entrepreneurs.

In this blog, we have listed the top on-demand mobile app ideas in 2020 that you can utilize in building your next mobile app.

Industries Leveraging On-Demand App Services
Today, when most of the customers are in a hurry, they look for services in emergency requirements. Here the On-Demand app works as an intermediate between the home service provider and customer. On-demand services are already gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and will stay in the market for a long time. Have a look at the industries that are leveraging the power of on-demand apps.

• Freelancing / On-Demand jobs
A survey reveals that 50% of the workforce in the USA has moved to freelance. This clearly means that freelancing is in high demand and eventually there will be an increase in On-Demand jobs. With this, a high impact is seen in the on-demand job sector. On-Demand job portals will make it easier to connect the right employers with job seekers.

• Food Delivery
With food delivery apps like Foodpanda & Justeat & many other out there, we are already witnessing a great demand for online food delivery across the world. The food ordering and delivery business have experienced tremendous success over the last few years. People love to eat in the comfort of their homes. There is no way the food delivery business can slow down. An On-Demand Food Delivery App service will be a great hit and offer long-lasting opportunities for both providers and customers.

• Taxi booking services
The success of Uber and Careem is enhancing the demand for On-Demand taxi businesses. The traditional taxi business is outdated now. Users, today, look to connect with the taxi services at their fingertips. An on-demand cab booking app connects the users with taxi drivers. With Uber receiving huge popularity, more and more businesses are coming up in the transportation sector. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for a better opportunity in transportation, an on-demand cab booking app is a great idea to go ahead.

• Healthcare Services
Healthcare is one of the largest industries of all time. However, it’s always been a challenge to make Healthcare service reach to the needy people. On-Demand health care services can well tackle this challenge. They prove really helpful to patients looking for immediate medical assistance. With On-Demand health apps, you can opt for quick consultation services, book your appointment, get connected to doctors and many other features.

• Local services
On-demand services have revolutionized the local market too. Local shops and food stores have also started delivering their products on the doorsteps of customers. Following this trend, many medium to small grocery stores, clothing and other retail outlets have come forward with their own on-demand deliveries.

• Personal Utility services
On-demand apps are popular for services like stylists, fitness trainers, therapists, body spa, salon, etc. These apps help you instantly book an appointment for your next beauty, fitness or health treatment at their homes. The various payment methods and time slots even offer flexibility to customers.

• Homecare Services
Other than personal care, different household services including laundry, home cleaners, cooks, electricians, plumbers, babysitters, pet sitters, etc. are also in high demand. An on-demand service app can help in such cases where homemakers can directly book the services they are looking for.

Beneficial Features of On-Demand apps
When a business seeks to develop an On-Demand app, the first thing that clicks the mind is which features to include. Here are some of the basic features your mobile app development company should integrate in your business app:

Notification: This feature will let your customers know about any limited period offers or services you are offering. The notification feature will alert the customers and send some real-time status regarding any requests.

⁃ GPS tracking
You need GPS integration in your on-demand app so that customer can easily track their placed orders.

⁃ Search list:
This will let customers search results, their orders, and other relevant data for a quick reference. This feature let customers to recollect everything about their activity.

⁃ Wishlist:
Wishlist feature plays a role when users want to save an item to purchase later. Having this feature in your On-Demand app is quite important to retain your customers.

⁃ Payment facility
Mobile payment facility plays an important role in on-demand app services. With various payment options, your customer will likely to proceed with his/her order choosing the one best suit to him.

⁃ Ratings and reviews
The success of your on-demand app greatly depends on how your customers are interacting with it and what their reviews are. Adding features like customer reviews or client testimonials help you improve user experience and app quality.


Today when almost every business is following the trend to meet their business goals, on-demand app development can prove to be best for your steady business. On-demand delivery apps are growing day by day whether you want to order food, shopping or book a ride. Investing in an on-demand delivery app is a great business decision as it will ensure a growth-oriented business in this highly competitive tech-driven industry.

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